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Using DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline : Creating a Data Source definition : Parameters for all supported Data Source types

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Parameters for all supported Data Source types

You define the information that Hybrid Data Pipeline needs to connect to the data store in a Data Source definition. Tabs and fields of the Data Source definition allow you to configure behavior that can improve performance and enable OData access. Follow the links below to find descriptions of the parameters available for each supported data store. The parameters for cloud and on-premise are often similar for the same type of data store. However, since the environments often have different requirements for security and other connection features, the topics describe cloud and on-premise connection parameters separately.
Table 9. Connection Parameters for each data store type
Data source
Supported Connection Parameters
Amazon Redshift
Apache Hadoop Hive
Google Analytics
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft SQL Server
MySQL Enterprise
MySQL Community Edition
Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua)
Oracle Sales Cloud
Oracle Service Cloud
Progress OpenEdge
Progress Rollbase
Salesforce-based data sources
Sybase ASE