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Querying with OData Version 4 : Supported functionality for OData Version 4 : OData model warnings

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OData model warnings

Hybrid Data Pipeline users can get the details of the tables/columns and functions that were dropped while generating the OData Model for a given schema map of a data source. The details can be queried over the Model Status API - https://<baseUrl>/api/mgmt/datasources/<datasourceId>/model. Since the OData Model creation is asynchronous, all the warnings are stored in the ModelWarnings table and a query for the model status returns details from this table.
Possible warning messages for Tables and Columns:
*The column has an unsupported data type < >
*The column size is too long. Actual size is < > and supported size is < >
*The primary key column has an unsupported data type < >.
*No primary key has been specified for this table < >.
OData Model warnings are also generated where there is a problem mapping the user specified Functions to OData Functions. OData Model Warnings, called Operation warnings, are generated for the following scenarios:
*Model Creation with Operations for NON-ORACLE Data Sources.
*Functions that have LONG types as params or return type.
*Functions that have Non-Primitive Params or Return values.
*Functions that have OUT or INOUT Parameters.
*Functions mapped as ACTIONS in SchemaMap.
*If Stored Procedures are Mapped in SchemaMap.
*Operation does not exist.