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Hybrid Data Pipeline API reference : Management API : OAuth API for Google Analytics connectivity

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OAuth API for Google Analytics connectivity

The OAuth API for Google Analytics allows for integration of Hybrid Data Pipeline with a Google Analytics OAuth 2.0 authorization flow. The OAuth API for Google Analytics is comprised of the OAuth applications API and the OAuth profiles API.
The OAuth applications API allows Hybrid Data Pipeline to identify itself as a registered Google Analytics application with the creation of an OAuth application object. The OAuth application object holds the OAuth client ID and secret. The permissions required to use the OAuth applications API depend on the operation being used and the tenant environment. See OAuth applications API for details.
The OAuth profiles API permits Hybrid Data Pipeline access to Google Analytics through the creation of an OAuth profile object. To complete OAuth authorization, the OAuth profile object provides OAuth refresh and access tokens to Google Analytics. OAuth profiles are created or selected for data sources, and a single OAuth profile can be used for multiple data sources on a Google Analytics data store. Since OAuth profiles are associated with data sources, a user must have a corresponding data source permission to create, view, modify, or delete OAuth profiles. For example, to create an OAuth profile, a user must have the CreateDataSource (1) permission. See OAuth profiles API for details.
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