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Querying with OData Version 4 : Formulating queries with OData Version 4 : Navigating relationships

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Navigating relationships

Most data source types supported by Hybrid Data Pipeline use relationships to define associations between tables or objects. In a relational data source, foreign key columns reference the primary key column of the related table. When you configure a schema map for a data source that contains relationships, Hybrid Data Pipeline maps them as OData relationships. The OData model (returned via $metadata) identifies these as Navigation Properties. OData provides the following ways to access related entities:
*Resource Path navigation — fetch all related records or a specific record or property of that record.
*$expand — return links to the related records for a specific entity.
*$ref (not currently supported)1 — fetch all records for an entity and embed all related records in the response.
Hybrid Data Pipeline currently supports navigating relationships with Resource Path navigation and the $expand property. The topics in this section use an example of customers and orders with the following model:

Customer ---> Order ---> OrderItem
---> Contact
* Resource Path Navigation
* $expand query parameter

1 The $links construct was replaced by the $ref in OData version 4. However, $ref is not currently supported by Hybrid Data Pipeline.