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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : Using the Web UI : Manage Roles view

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Manage Roles view

The Manage Roles view provides a list of roles for a given tenant. With the appropriate permissions, you can add, update, and delete roles using this view.
The Manage Roles view is available to users with either set of the following permissions.
*Administrator (12) permission
*WebUI (8) permission, ViewRole (18) permission, and administrative access on the tenant to which the role(s) belong
manage roles viewmanage roles view
The following table provides permissions and descriptions for each action in the Manage Roles view.
Note: Any user with Administrator (12) permission may perform all actions.
Filter roles by tenant
Administrative access to multiple tenants
Web UI (8)
ViewRole (18)
An administrator with administrative access to multiple tenants will have the option of selecting the tenant for which he or she wants to view or manage roles. Select the tenant for which you want to view roles from the Select Tenant dropdown.
Create a new role
Administrative access for the tenant
Web UI (8)
CreateRole (17)
ViewRole (18)
To create a new role, click + New Role. Provide a name and description for the new role. Then, select permissions to define the role.
Edit a role
Administrative access for the tenant
WebUI (8)
ViewRole (18)
ModifyRole (19)
To edit a role, select the role from the list of roles. Then, select Edit from the Actions dropdown. Edit the role as desired.
Delete a role
Administrative access for the tenant
WebUI (8)
ViewRole (18)
DeleteRole (20)
To delete a role, select the role you want to delete. Then, select Delete from the Actions dropdown. Confirm or cancel the delete operation in the dialog.