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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline for JDBC : Troubleshooting : Logging Levels

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Logging Levels

Messages written to the loggers can be given different levels of importance. For example, errors that occur in the Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for JDBC are written to a logger at the CONFIG level, while progress or flow information will be written to a logger at the FINE or FINER level.
The Java Logging API defines the following levels:
Note: Log messages logged by the driver only use the CONFIG, FINE, and FINEST logging levels.
Setting the log threshold of a logger to a particular level causes the logger to write log messages of that level and higher to the log. For example, if the threshold is set to FINE, the logger writes messages of levels FINE. CONFIG, INFO, WARNING, and SEVERE to its log; messages of level FINER or FINEST are not written to the log.
The Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for JDBC exposes loggers for the following functional areas:
* JDBC API Logger
* Driver Logger