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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline for JDBC : Supported Features : Large objects (LOBs)

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Large objects (LOBs)

The driver allows you to retrieve and update long data, specifically LONGVARBINARY and LONGVARCHAR data, using JDBC methods designed for Blobs and Clobs. When using these methods to update long data as Blobs or Clobs, the updates are made to the local copy of the data contained in the Blob or Clob object.
Retrieving and updating long data using JDBC methods designed for Blobs and Clobs provides some of the same benefits as retrieving and updating Blobs and Clobs, such as:
*Provides random access to data
*Allows searching for patterns in the data, such as retrieving long data that begins with a specific character string
To provide these benefits normally associated with Blobs and Clobs, data must be cached. Because data is cached, your application will incur a performance penalty, particularly if data is read only once sequentially. This performance penalty can be severe if the size of the long data is larger than available memory.