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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : Troubleshooting : Determining where an issue originates : Interoperability issues

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Interoperability issues
Interoperability issues can occur with a working ODBC application in any of the following ODBC components: ODBC application, ODBC driver, ODBC Driver Manager, and/or data source.
For example, any of the following problems may occur because of an interoperability issue:
*SQL statements may fail to execute.
*Data may be returned/updated/deleted/inserted incorrectly.
*A hang or core dump may occur.
Isolate the component in which the issue is occurring. Is it an ODBC application, an ODBC driver, an ODBC Driver Manager, or a data source issue?
To troubleshoot the issue:
1. Test to see if your ODBC application is the source of the problem. To do this, replace your working ODBC application with a more simple application. If you can reproduce the issue, you know your ODBC application is not the cause.
On Windows, you can use ODBC Test, which is part of the Microsoft ODBC SDK, or the example application that is shipped with the driver. See Creating a trace log for details.
2. If neither the ODBC application nor the data source is the source of your problem, troubleshoot the ODBC driver and the ODBC Driver Manager.
In this case, we recommend that you create an ODBC trace log to provide to Technical Support. See ODBC Test for details.