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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : Initial login with default user accounts

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Initial login with default user accounts

You must specify passwords for the default d2cadmin and d2cuser accounts during installation of the Hybrid Data Pipeline server. Best practices recommend that you follow the Hybrid Data Pipeline default password policy when specifying these account passwords. When initially logging in to the Web UI or using Hybrid Data Pipeline APIs, you must authenticate as one of these users.
The d2cadmin account has the default System Administrator role. The System Administrator role has all Hybrid Data Pipeline permissions. The d2cuser account has the default User role. The User role has a set of permissions associated with standard user tasks. (See Permissions and default roles for details.) These default roles cannot be deleted. However, the users associated with them can be modified through the Web UI or Hybrid Data Pipeline APIs.
As a matter of best practices, you should consider removing the default d2cadmin and d2cuser accounts. To remove the default d2cadmin account, you must create at least one other user with the Administrator permission. When you log in through the new account that has the Administrator permission, you can then remove the default d2cadmin account. Hybrid Data Pipeline requires that at least one user have the Administrator permission. However, as a matter of best practices, more than one user should have Administrator permission at any time. For more information on provisioning users, see Tenant architectures and User provisioning.