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Querying with OData Version 4 : Method Reference for OData Version 4 : HTTP PATCH or POST and PATCH (update)

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HTTP PATCH or POST and PATCH (update)


HTTP PATCH updates an entity. You can also use HTTP POST and specify PATCH as the value of the custom X-HTTP-Method header. The body of the request should contain an entity description of the properties of the entity to be changed.
Note: Hybrid Data Pipeline supports neither HTTP UPDATE nor OData PUT semantics.


https://<myserver>:<port>/api/odata4/<entity collection>/<entity instance>
where <myserver> is the DSN name or the IP address of the machine where Hybrid Data Pipeline is installed.


PATCH | POST with a X-HTTP-Method header value of PATCH.


The request uses the following formats:
PATCH https://myserver:8080/api/odata4/Customers(123)
accept: application/<content-type>[,<content-type>]
POST https://myserver:8080/api/odata4/Customers(123)
accept: application/<content-type>[,<content-type>]



Response Status

If the entity is successfully updated, the OData service returns a 204 No Content status.


You cannot update a property that is part of the primary key; if you supply a value, Hybrid Data Pipeline will ignore it. If a property in the entity description does not correspond to a property in the entity, then an error with a 400 Bad Request status is returned.
An HTTP request with the method set to MERGE is not supported and will return a 405 Method Not Supported response status.


Basic Authentication using Login ID and Password. The authenticated user must use same credentials used to create the data source definition.


Any active Hybrid Data Pipeline user. The authenticated user must be the owner of the data source.