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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : Connecting applications to the connectivity service : Connection Properties : General Tab

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General Tab
The General tab displays fields that are required for creating a data source. The fields on all other tabs are optional, unless noted otherwise.
The General tab of the driver setup dialog
A connection string using the DRIVER keyword must provide all necessary connection information:
Driver={Progress DataDirect Hybrid 4.1};HybridDataPipelineDataSource=My_DataSource;LoginTimeout=100;LogonID=HDP_Login;Password=HDP_Password
If an application does not provide the credentials required to connect to Hybrid Data Pipeline, depending on how the application is implemented, the user can receive an error or a Logon dialog box provided by the connectivity service.
* Logon to Hybrid Data Pipeline
* Data Source configuration in the UNIX/Linux odbc.ini File