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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : Troubleshooting : ODBC Trace : Enabling tracing on Windows Systems

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Enabling tracing on Windows Systems
On Windows, open the ODBC Data Source Administrator and select the Tracing tab. To specify the path and name of the trace log file, type the path and name in the Log File Path field or click Browse to select a log file. If no location is specified, the trace log resides in the working directory of the application you are using.
Click Select DLL in the Custom Trace DLL pane to select the DataDirect enhanced tracing library, xxtrcnn.dll, where xx represents either iv (32-bit version) or dd (64-bit version), and nn represents the driver level number, for example, ivtrc27.dll. The library is installed in the \Windows\System32 directory.
After making changes on the Tracing tab, click Apply for them to take effect.
Enable tracing by clicking Start Tracing Now. Tracing continues until you disable it by clicking Stop Tracing Now. Be sure to turn off tracing when you are finished reproducing the issue because tracing decreases the performance of your ODBC application.
When tracing is enabled, information is written to the following trace log files:
*Trace log file (trace_filename.log) in the specified directory.
*Trace information log file (trace_filenameINFO.log). This file is created in the same directory as the trace log file and logs the following SQLGetInfo information: