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Querying data stores with SQL : Performance tuning : Oracle Marketing Cloud bulk operations : Efficient queries

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Efficient queries
Hybrid Data Pipeline supports queries based on the definition of Oracle Eloqua minimal, partial, and complete column sets. If you know which type of column you are querying, you can optimize queries by following these guidelines.
Note: Refer to your Oracle Eloqua documentation for details on minimal, partial, and complete column sets.
*A minimal column set provides the best performance. For example: SELECT name,description,createdBy FROM Account WHERE scheduledFor='May'
*A partical column set provides the next best performance. For example, SELECT name, description, createdBy, country FROM Account WHERE scheduledFor='May' is processed faster than: SELECT name, description, createdBy, country, c_website FROM Account WHERE scheduledFor='May', which contains columns from Complete Column Set.
*A complete column set is processed faster than a query that uses the bulk interface only when the required number of records is less than the actual number of records that the bulk query would return. For example, the following query would return all rows: SELECT name, country, c_website FROM Account WHERE scheduledFor='May'. While Hybrid Data Pipeline would attempt to use bulk operations for such a query, suppose you were only interested in the first 500 of 10,000 records. In that case, the query SELECT TOP 500 name, country, c_website FROM Account WHERE scheduledFor='May' would probably be faster, even though it would not be fetched in a bulk operation.