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Using Hybrid Data Pipeline : Configuring data sources for OData connectivity and working with data source groups : Editing a data source group

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Editing a data source group

Take the following steps to edit a data source group.
1. In the left navigation panel, click Data Sources to open the Data Sources view.
2. Click the Data Source Groups tab. The Data Source Groups page opens.
3. Click the name of the data source group you want to edit. Alternatively, select the check box beside the name of the group, and then click the Edit icon . The Edit Data Source Group page opens.
4. Make changes to the following settings as desired.
*Modify values in any of these fields: Data Source Name, Description, or Maximum Length of Entity Name.
*Specify a different OData version with the OData Version dropdown.
The OData version of a data source group cannot be different from the OData versions of its members. Switching to a different version of OData means that all the data sources in the group will be removed from the group. If you want to use more than one version of OData, you must create different data source groups for each version.
*Add new data sources to the data source group.
1. Under OData Data Sources, click All. A list of all the OData-enabled data sources appears.
2. Select the data sources you want to add to the group.
*To remove data sources from the data source group, clear the check boxes beside the data sources.
5. Click Save & Close.