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Hybrid Data Pipeline API reference : Management API : Connector API : Delete Authorized Users

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Delete Authorized Users
Providing a body with the DELETE method is not forbidden by the HTTP specifications. However, many HTTP libraries either do not allow or do not work correctly when a body is specified in a DELETE request.
WORKAROUND: To delete one or more authorized users from an On-Premise Connector, issue a PUT request to the /connectors/<connector-ID>/authuser endpoint and remove the users to be deleted from the authuser array in the request payload.


Revoke permission to use this On-Premises Connector from some or all users. If a user name is invalid, an error is returned and no user permissions are revoked.
Note: The list of users for which permission to use the connector is revoked is limited to a system-configurable value. If you need to delete more than the system limit, use additional DELETE calls to add them. If too many users are provided, an error message that specifies the limit is returned.





URL Parameters

<myserver> is the hostname or IP address of the machine hosting the Hybrid Data Pipeline server for a standalone installation, or the machine hosting the load balancer for a load balancer installation. For a standalone installation, <port> is the port number specified as the Server Access Port during installation. For a load balancer installation, <port> must be either 80 for http or 443 for https. Whenever port 80 or 443 are used, it is not necessary to include the port number in the URL.
<connector-ID> is a unique value associated with the On-Premises Connector. The value is returned using the <base>/connectors GET request. The authorized user must be the owner of the On-Premises Connector specified.

Request Payload Parameters

The request payload specifies the list of Hybrid Data Pipeline users to remove from the On-Premise Connector access control list. The request has the following format:


Data Type
Valid Values
authUser [authorized-user ]
Array [String]
Specifies the Hybrid Data Pipeline users who are authorized to use the On-Premises Connector.
authorized-user is a Hybrid Data Pipeline user who is authorized to use the On-Premises Connector.

Sample Server Request

"authUser": [

Response Definition

If the Remove Authorized User operation requested is successful, the response is a JSON object defined as

If the Remove Authorized User operation is not successful, the response is a standard error response.


Basic Authentication using Login ID and Password.


Any active Hybrid Data Pipeline user. The authenticated user must be the owner of the On-Premises Connector.