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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : Configuring an ODBC data source on UNIX and Linux systems : Setting environment variables manually : DD_INSTALLDIR

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The DD_INSTALLDIR environment variable provides the driver with the location of the product installation directory so that it can access support files. If the InstallDir property has not been set in your .ini file(s), then DD_INSTALLDIR must be set to point to the fully qualified path name of the installation directory. DD_INSTALLDIR overrides the InstallDir setting in any .ini files that are in use.
For example, to point to the location of the directory for an installation on /opt/odbc in the C shell, you would set this variable as follows:
setenv DD_INSTALLDIR /opt/odbc
In the Bourne or Korn shell, you would set it as:
To verify that the DD_INSTALLDIR environment variable has been set, execute the env command and review the output to confirm.
The driver searches for the location of the installation directory as follows:
1. The driver checks the DD_INSTALLDIR variable.
2. The driver checks the odbc.ini or the odbcinst.ini files for the InstallDir keyword.
If the driver does not locate the installation directory, it returns an error.