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Using DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline : Creating a Data Source definition

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Creating a Data Source definition

You define the information that Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline needs to connect to the data store in a Data Source definition.
The steps in this topic apply generally but the available options differ by data store type. When you are logged in to your Hybrid Data Pipeline account, follow these steps to create a Data Source definition:
1. If the Data Sources view is not already open, in the left navigation panel, click Data Sources to open it.
The Data Stores page opens.
3. From the list of Data Stores, click the logo for the type of data store to which you want to connect.
The Create Data Source page opens.
4. On the General tab, enter a data source name, and fill the required fields. If applicable, enter the login credentials for the data store. If you do not enter the login credentials at this point, a dialog will prompt you to do so, when you try to connect to the data store.
To persist the login credentials for the data store, you must enter the credentials in the data source definition page.
5. Then, do one of the following:
*Click SAVE to create the definition without testing the connection.
*Click TEST CONNECTION to establish a connection with the Data Store, create and save the data source definition. Then, click SAVE.
If you click TEST CONNECTION without specifying the login credentials, a pop-up dialog appears. Enter the login credentials for the data source and click OK.
The new Data Source is added to the list on the Data Sources page.
If you create an OData-enabled data source, the icon beside it indicates the status of the schema map generation. The following table provides details of the icons:
Schema Synch in progress
The synchronization of the schema map is in progress. The number denotes the percentage of synchronization completed.
Synch completed successfully
The schema map was synchronized successfully.
Sync completed successfully, with warning messages
The schema map was synchronized successfully, but there are some table/column/function warnings. Hybrid Data Pipeline allows users to know the details of the tables, and/or columns, and/or functions that were dropped while generating the OData Model for a given schema map of a Data Source. The number of warnings shown is limited to 100. If there are more than 100 errors/warnings, you can get the complete list of warnings via the GET API.
Errors when synching a schema map
Errors occurred while synchronizing the schema map. You must synchronize the schema map again.
Schema map resynch needed
You must synchronize the schema map again.
* Parameters for all supported Data Source types
* Amazon Redshift Parameters
* Apache Hadoop Hive Parameters
* DB2 parameters
* Google Analytics parameters
* Defining OAuth2 authentication
* Using Google Analytics
* Greenplum parameters
* Informix parameters
* Microsoft Dynamics CRM parameters
* Microsoft SQL Server parameters
* MySQL Enterprise parameters
* MySQL Community Edition parameters
* Oracle parameters
* Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) parameters
* Oracle Sales Cloud parameters
* Oracle Service Cloud parameters
* PostgreSQL parameters
* Progress OpenEdge parameters
* Progress Rollbase parameters
* Salesforce (and Related Data Store) connection parameters
* SugarCRM parameters
* Sybase parameters