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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : User provisioning : Provisioning users with the Web UI : Create roles

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Create roles
Take the following steps to create a role through the Web UI.
1. Navigate to the Manage Roles view by clicking the manage roles icon .
2. Click + New Role.
3. Provide the following information.
*Tenant. Select the tenant for which the role is being created. Only the tenants for which you have administrative access will appear.
*Role Name. Enter the name of the role.
*Role Description. Enter a description of the role.
*Permissions. Select the permissions associated with the role. See Permissions and default roles for details.
4. Click Save.
The role has been created. The role will appear in the list of roles in the Manage Roles view for the given tenant.
What to do next:
You can now create users with this role, or assign this role to users.