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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : Connecting applications to the connectivity service : Connection strings

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Connection strings

The example in Connecting applications to the connectivity service shows how to create an ODBC data source definition. Applications can use such a named data source definition to connect to the Hybrid Data Pipeline connectivity service. You also have the option of providing the required connection properties through the application instead of saving them in an external location. And you can use a combination of a data source and connection properties, for example, to avoid storing credentials in the data source.
ODBC keywords to specify connection information in an application include:
*DSN specifies a named data source:
*FILEDSN specifies a filename, where the file contains the data source information
*DRIVER includes the connection parameters in the connection string and should supply all required properties: 
All of these keywords allow attribute=value pairs in the connection string. You can use these to specify connection properties that customize behavior. For the DSN and FILEDSN, keywords, the values specified in the connection string override the ODBC data source values for connection properties.
The following examples show how to override the user name and password on Windows systems for an ODBC data source named Pipeline:
Connection Properties describes required and optional connection properties.