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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : Configuring change password behavior

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Configuring change password behavior

Hybrid Data Pipeline supports two types of change password behavior. By default, change password behavior is configured to require users to provide a current password as well as a new password when changing passwords. Alternatively, change password behavior can be configured such that users are only required to provide and confirm a new password when changing passwords.
You can use the Web UI or the System Configurations API to configure change password behavior.

Using the Web UI

Take the following steps to enable or disable the password policy via the Web UI.
1. Navigate to the System Configurations view by clicking the system configurations icon .
2. Set Secure Password Change.
*When set to ON, the user must provide a current password before providing new password.
*When set to OFF, the user need only provide a new password.
3. Click Save.

Using the System Configurations API

Administrators can change the behavior by setting the secureChangePassword attribute in the System Configurations API.
The following PUT operation would configure the system to use the non-default behavior where the user must provide only a new password. The number 2 is the ID of the secureChangePassword attribute.
PUT https://<myserver>:<port>/api/admin/configurations/2
"value": "false"