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Querying with OData Version 4 : Formulating queries with OData Version 4 : Batch Requests

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Batch Requests

Hybrid Data Pipeline supports batch functionality for data sources using OData Version 4. Batch requests allow you to submit multiple operations in the form of a single endpoint request. Operations are submitted in the HTTP request payload and can include individual requests and change sets. Refer to the OData Version 4.0 Specification for details on formatting a batch request.
The OData 4 specification requires that all operations for a change set should fail if a single operation fails. However, for data stores that do not support transactions, Hybrid Data Pipeline permits some of the operations to successfully complete when an error occurs. This behavior allows for batch requests to be supported when transactions are not, but may negatively impact data integrity should an error occur. If you are connecting using one of the following data stores, do not use batch operations if a high-level of data integrity is required.
*Apache Hadoop Hive
*Google Analytics
*Oracle Sales Cloud
*Oracle Service Cloud
*Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua)
*Microsoft Dynamics CRM
*Progress Rollbase
*Veeva CRM