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Hybrid Data Pipeline API reference : Administrators API : Users API : Create a user account : authenticationInfo Object

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authenticationInfo Object


Describes authentication information for the user account as defined by the authUserName and authServiceId properties.
The authenticationInfo object does not need to be included in a request payload when only the default internal authentication service is being used. When an external authentication service is being used, authenticationInfo must be included in the request payload. If authenticationInfo is not passed, a default authenticationInfo object is created where the userName of the system object is used as the authUserName and the authServiceId specifies the ID of the internal authentication service (1).


"authUsers": [
"authUserName": "string",
"authServiceId": integer
Valid Values
The name of the authentication user.
A string where the string specifies a user name persisted by the authentication service. The maximum length is 128 characters.
The ID of the authentication service against which the user is authenticating.
1 | x
1 is the ID for the default internal authentication service.
x is an auto-generated ID for an external authentication service implemented by an administrator.
Note: In a multitenant environment, only authentication services from the system tenant or the user's tenant may used.