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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : User provisioning : Providing direct access to Hybrid Data Pipeline : Providing direct access with the Web UI : Adding a user

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Adding a user
To add a user:
1. If it is not already open, click Manage Users in the navigation panel on the left to open the Manage Users view.
2. Based on whether you have created users previously, the Manage Users view displays the following options; select one:
*+NEW USER – If there are no existing users
*ADD USER – If you already have a list of existing users
The Add User dialog appears.
3. Create a Username for the user.
Note: The Username can be a maximum of 128 characters in length.
4. Create a Password for the user. Then, confirm the password in the Confirm Password field.
Note: The Password can be a maximum of 32 characters in length. The password created here by the administrator is only a temporary password. Users must change the password when they login for the first time.
Note: Hybrid Data Pipeline does not enforce a password policy. It is up to the end-users company to enforce a password policy.
5. Assign roles to the user by selecting either Administrator, User, or both.
By default, Hybrid Data Pipeline assigns the User role. This cannot be modified.
6. Click SAVE.
The Manage Users view adds and displays the new user in the list of users. To add another user, repeat the above steps.
You can manage your users by selecting the icons in the Actions column in their corresponding rows. Refer to the following sections for more information.