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Using Hybrid Data Pipeline : Navigating the Web UI : SQL Testing view

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SQL Testing view

The SQL Testing view allows users to browse schemas1 and to query data associated with a data source connection. When a connection to a particular data source is established, users can execute SQL queries against the connection and view the schema structure of the data source.
Note: The ability to use the features supported by the SQL Testing view depend on the permissions granted to the user. See Permissions and default roles for details.
The SQL Testing view provides support for:
*Exploring the schemas associated with a data source
*Examining the tables or views associated with a schema
*Examining the table structure by navigating the list of columns, data types, and size
*Running queries and viewing their status and results
Here is a screen shot of the SQL Testing view with some sample data.
Hybrid Data Pipeline_SQL Testing View
The SQL Testing view consists of resizable panels that users can adjust. This view is designed for basic testing of data sources. The Hybrid Data Pipeline user interface times out queries that require a processing time of more than 6 minutes. Therefore, to validate a data source connection, users should execute queries that require less execution time.

1 For backend data stores that support schemas, the Metadata Exposed Schemas option can be used to restrict the exposed schemas to a single schema. Metadata Exposed Schemas only affects the metadata that is displayed in the Schema navigation pane. SQL queries can still be executed against tables in other schemas. For details, see the parameters topic for your data source type.