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HubSpot error messages

The following section describes error messages you may receive back from a HubSpot data store. Each error message is followed by a possible cause and recommended actions, if applicable.

Query Execution Failed

*Error:Query Execution Failed. Error invoking Service, Response Error Code:: 502, Bad Gateway. Request length exceeds the limit. Retry query by selecting fewer columns,[10300]
Cause:The number of columns requested in the query exceeds the limit.
Action:Reduce the number of columns being used in the query.

Incorrect Connection Information

*Error: Incorrect connection information. KeywordConflictSuffix property should be a string of up to five characters.
Cause: The number of characters specified for the KeywordConflictSuffix custom property must be greater then five.
Action: Check the value of the KeywordConflictSuffix custom property. The value must be a string of up to five characters.

Invalid Custom Properties Format

*Error: Invalid Custom Properties format. Please specify either hapikey or access_token in custom properties.
Cause: hapikey or access_token is not specified in custom properties.
Action: Specify hapikey or access_token in custom properties.