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Getting Started : Configuring an ODBC Data Source on UNIX and Linux Systems : Configuring a Data Source in the System Information File : Testing with the demoodbc Application

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Testing with the demoodbc Application
An application named demoodbc, that is installed in the /samples/demo subdirectory of the product installation directory. Once you have set up your environment and data source, use the demoodbc application to test your connection. The syntax to run the application is:
demoodbc -uid user_name -pwd password data_source_name
For example:
demoodbc -uid johndoe -pwd secret DataSource3
The demoodbc application is coded to execute a Select statement from a table named emp. If you have an emp table in your database, the results are returned. If you do not have an emp table, you receive the message: Invalid object name ’EMP’. This message confirms a successful connection to the database.
Refer to the demoodbc.txt file in the demo subdirectory for an explanation of how to build and use this application.