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Installation on Windows Systems : Installing Silently : Creating a Response File : Performing the Silent Installation

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Performing the Silent Installation
On each machine, follow these steps to perform a silent install:
1. Copy the installer and the response file you created to a temporary directory, for example:
2. If the installer is in a zip file, unzip it.
3. At a command prompt, change to the directory containing the Setup.exe file.
4. Type the following command where response_file is the path and file name of the response file created in Creating a Response File. You must specify an absolute path, with the path and file name enclosed in double quotation marks.
PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_CLOUD_ODBC_4.0.2_WIN_32_INSTALL.exe –i silent –f "response_file" 
The following example performs a silent installation by running a response file named from the C:\temp directory:
PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_CLOUD_ODBC_4.0.2_WIN_32_INSTALL.exe –i silent –f "C:\temp\" 
5. The installation proceeds without any further intervention or notification.
If you have any problems during installation, refer to Log Files Created During Installation.