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Installation and Configuration on UNIX and Linux Systems : Silent installation of ODBC driver on UNIX and Linux : Performing a Silent Installation

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Performing a Silent Installation

To perform a silent installation:
1. From a command-line prompt, change to the directory where you originally downloaded the Setup program, which contains the installation script install (.bin) executable, or ensure that this directory is on your path.
2. Execute a silent installation by entering the following:
installer.bin -i silent -f response_file 
where response_file is the full path of the response file that you have created. If the response file is named and resides in your home directory, you would enter:
installer.bin -i silent -f /home/users/johndoe/ 
3. The installation proceeds without any further user intervention unless you enter an incorrect value on the command line or in the response file, in which case an error is displayed and Setup aborts. You must correct the command line or silent installation response file and execute it again.
See Getting Started for information about configuring and testing the driver.