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Installation on Windows Systems : Installing the Driver

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Installing the Driver

Applications using ODBC to access the DataDirect Cloud connectivity service require access to a properly configured DataDirect Cloud Driver for ODBC.
To install the driver on your local drive:
1. Log in to your DataDirect Cloud account, select the Downloads button on the navigation bar and download the appropriate installer package.
2. Double-click the .exe file to start the installer.
The Introduction window appears. Click Next to continue to the next window.
3. Choose the type of installation to perform. Select one of the following options:
*Standard Installation. Select this option to install the standard unbranded version of the driver. Click Next to continue with the installation. Continue at the next step.
*OEM Installation. Select this option if you have purchased a licensed version of the product. Enter your branding key. Then, click Next and continue with the installation.
OEM CUSTOMERS: Refer to the DataDirect Cloud Distribution Guide for information on installing, branding, unlocking, and distributing your branded driver.
Note: You can exit the Setup program at any time by clicking Cancel or return to the previous window by clicking Previous.
4. In the Where Would You Like to Install? field, check the default installation directory. If you want to change it, type the full path of the product installation directory or click the Choose ... button to browse to and select an installation directory.
Verify that you have entered (or selected) the correct installation directory, and click Next to continue.
5. Click Next to continue. The Create Default Data Source window appears.
*Create Default Data Sources: Defines a user data source named DataDirect Cloud in the Windows registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC.INI for the driver.
Important: If you select Create Default Data Sources, and have installed DataDirect Cloud Driver for ODBC previously, the existing default DataDirect Cloud data source will be overwritten. To maintain the values in an existing data source, rename it before continuing or unselect this option.
6. Click Next. The Pre-Installation Summary window appears.
7. Confirm your installation options. Click Previous to revise your choices, click Cancel exit the Setup program, or click Install to continue with the installation. When you click Install, the driver is installed.
8. Click Done to exit the installer.
The installer creates a Progress DataDirect Cloud Driver for ODBC program group, which provides the following shortcuts:
*ODBC Administrator 
*ODBC Driver Help 
*ODBC Readme 
*Uninstall Progress DataDirect Cloud Driver for ODBC 
If you have any problems during installation, refer to Log Files Created During Installation. After installation, you must configure the connection to your Data Direct Cloud Data Sources. See Getting Started for details.