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Installation and Configuration on UNIX and Linux Systems : DSN-less Connections

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DSN-less Connections

Connections to a data source can be made via a connection string without referring to a data source name (DSN-less connections). This is done by specifying the DRIVER= keyword instead of the DSN= keyword in a connection string, as outlined in the ODBC specification. A file named odbcinst.ini must exist when the driver encounters DRIVER= in a connection string such as the following:
Driver={DataDirect Cloud 4.0};DDCloudDataSource=Salesforce;DataSourcePassword=myDSpw;;LogonID=John;PWD=myCloudpw;
Setup installs a default version of the odbcinst.ini file in the product installation directory (see ODBCINST for details about relocating and renaming this file). This is a plain text file that contains default DSN-less connection information. You should not normally need to edit this file.
The content of this file is divided into several sections. At the beginning of the file is a section named [ODBC Drivers] that lists installed drivers, for example,
DataDirect Cloud 4.0=Installed.
This section also includes additional information for each driver.
The final section of the file is named [ODBC]. The [ODBC] section in the odbcinst.ini file fulfills the same purpose in DSN-less connections as the [ODBC] section in the odbc.ini file does for data source connections. See Configuring a Data Source in the System Information File for a description of the other keywords this section.
Note: The odbcinst.ini file and the odbc.ini file include an [ODBC] section. If the information in these two sections is not the same, the values in the odbc.ini [ODBC] section override those of the odbcinst.ini [ODBC] section.