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Connecting Applications to the Connectivity Service : Connection Properties : General Tab : Data Source Configuration in the UNIX/Linux odbc.ini File

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Data Source Configuration in the UNIX/Linux odbc.ini File
On UNIX and Linux, you must set up the proper ODBC environment before configuring data sources. Data sources for UNIX and Linux are stored in the system information file (by default, odbc.ini).
You can configure and modify data sources directly by editing the odbc.ini file and storing default connection values there. See Configuring an ODBC Data Source on UNIX and Linux Systems for detailed information about the specific steps necessary to configure a data source.
Connection Properties Reference lists driver connection string attributes that must be used in the odbc.ini file to set the value of the attributes. Note that only the long name of the attribute can be used in the file. The default listed in the table is the initial default value when the driver is installed.