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Connecting Applications to the Connectivity Service

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Connecting Applications to the Connectivity Service

Packaged applications such as SAP Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access or Excel and custom applications can specify the information to connect to the DataDirect Cloud connectivity service using an ODBC data source and/or passing connection properties in an ODBC connection string. Watch a short video on using ODBC to bring data into Excel
The connection parameters set in the ODBC data source or passed in a connection string from the application only apply to the connection between the application and DataDirect Cloud Driver for ODBC. The DataDirect Cloud Data Source that you create on configures the connection to the cloud data store, such as or Oracle Service Cloud.
Note: Before modifying an application, check the requirements for library compatibility with DataDirect Cloud Driver for ODBC in Installation on Windows Systems and Installation and Configuration on UNIX and Linux Systems.
* Connection Strings
* File Data Sources
* Connection Properties
* Connecting Through a Proxy Server