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Installation on Windows Systems : Configuring and Testing an ODBC Data Source on Windows Systems

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Configuring and Testing an ODBC Data Source on Windows Systems

On Windows systems, you can configure and modify data sources through the ODBC Data Source Administrator, which is available from the DataDirect Cloud Driver for ODBC program group. You specify default connection values in the driver’s setup dialog box. The ODBC Data Source Administrator stores the values as user or system data sources in the Windows Registry, or as file data sources in a specified location. See Creating a Data Source Definition, or watch a video.
The following steps describe how to configure and test a connection to a DataDirect Cloud Connectivity service Data Source as a user data source. You must have an account on, log in, and create a Data Source with the dashboard before using these procedures.
1. From the Progress DataDirect Cloud Driver for ODBC program group in your start menu, start the ODBC Data Source Administrator.
2. On the User DSN tab, click Add to add a new data source.
You can add a file or system data source using similar procedures.
3. Scroll down the list of drivers and select DataDirect Cloud 4.0.
4. Click Finish.
The ODBC Cloud Driver Setup window displays with focus on the General tab.
5. For Data Source Name, enter a unique name for this data source, such as myCloudDSN.
6. Optionally enter a description in the Description field.
7. For DD Cloud Data Source, enter the name of the DataDirect Cloud Data Source you created in the DataDirect Cloud dashboard, such as MyForceDS.
8. For Service, select to connect to the DataDirect Cloud connectivity service.
9. Click Test Connection and a dialog box will prompt your for credentials.
10. Enter the user name and password for your DataDirect Cloud user account.
Note: You can optionally store the DataDirect Cloud account credentials in the ODBC Data Source by entering them on the Security tab.
11. If you did not store the cloud data store credentials in the cloud Data Source, select the More Options check box and enter the user name and password for the cloud data store. If the account requires a security token, append it to the password.
12. Click OK.
A dialog box is displayed to inform you whether the connection was successful.
13. Configure your ODBC-compliant application to use this data source.
See Connecting Applications to the Connectivity Service for information on how to configure your application to use this data source.