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Installation and Configuration on UNIX and Linux Systems : Silent installation of ODBC driver on UNIX and Linux : Creating a Response File

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Creating a Response File

A silent installation response file is a text file that you create, for example, This file must contain the arguments described in the following table..
Table 1. Required Arguments for Silent Installations
INSTALL_TYPE_STD=true | false 
Specifies whether to perform a standard installation.
INSTALL_TYPE_OEM=true | false
Specifies whether the installation is standard or for a OEM installation.
USER_INSTALL_DIR=installation directory
Specifies the full path to the directory where you want to install the drivers. This cannot be the same directory as the temporary installation directory. It also cannot be the directory of a previous version of another Progress DataDirect ODBC driver. If the directory you enter does not exist, Setup creates it.
For example, the following response file installs the product in the /opt/cloudforodbc directory: