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Understanding and configuring a schema map : Tour the Configure Schema editor

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Tour the Configure Schema editor

The Configure Schema editor provides controls for selecting the tables (or objects) to include in an OData schema map. For selected tables, you can specify entity names, enable full-text search (for supported data source types), and define virtual primary keys (if none are inherited from the underlying data source). If you deselect a table before saving your selections, it reverts to its default state with all columns selected, the default singular and plural name, and no search enabled.
The following image describes the controls at the top of the editor:DDC - Configure Schema editor top controls

Table column and setting details

Expand a table to see its details. The Columns tab includes the following controls:
DDC - Configure Schema editor table and column controls
By default, all columns are selected to include in the map. If the data source does not specify a primary key as shown in the screen above, you must choose one or more columns to act as the primary key.
The Settings tab has fields for defining singular and plural names for the entities that map to this table. If Advanced Settings is enabled for the schema, you can also enable full-text search by selecting one of the options shown in the screen below. And, if the data store supports indexed searches, a Full Text option will also be available from the menu. DDC - Configure Schema editor enable Search