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Formulating queries : Searching text-based columns : Configuring Salesforce external objects for search optimization

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Configuring Salesforce external objects for search optimization

DataDirect Cloud provides the ability to configure which tables and columns are included in a search to optimize performance and avoid overloading database resources. If you use Salesforce to access external objects, and want to take advantage of DataDirect Cloud's optimization, you must configure the Salesforce External Data Source to accept the DataDirect Cloud ddsearch parameter. This can improve the performance of the OData queries generated by Salesforce to search your external objects.
To do this for an existing External Data Source, log into your Salesforce account and follow these steps:
*Navigate to the External Data Source Edit screen.
*Make sure that Include in Salesforce Searches is enabled.
*In the Custom Query Option for Salesfoce Search field, enter ddsearch as shown below:DDC - Salesforce External Data Source Query parameter configuration
*Save your changes.
Note: Navigation to the External Data Source screen differs depending on the type of Salesforce account you have. See your Salesforce documentation for more information.