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Understanding and configuring a schema map : Configure Schema editor quick reference

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Configure Schema editor quick reference

Configuring an OData schema map and Setting OData options provide step-by-step procedures to enable and configure OData use for a DataDirect Cloud Data Source definition. The following table describes how to perform common tasks in the Configure Schema editor:
Enable full-text search
1. Make sure that Advanced Settings are enabled.
2. Select a table and expand its details.
3. Select the Settings tab.
4. From the Search Options list, choose the type of search you want to enable, including just the first words in a field or all words.
5. Select the Columns tab.
6. Click the Search icon next to the text-based columns for which you want to enable search. Searching text-based columns describes how to formulate requests to search.
Expand/collapse all tables
Click the Expand All or Collapse All link above the tables.
Find a table
Use the Search field at the top of the editor to search for a specific table.
Find a column
Expand table details and use the Column tab Search field.
Select a primary key
Expand table details and on the Columns tab, click the key icon to select one or more columns as primary keys.
Specify an entity name
Expand table details and select the Settings tab to enter the Singular and Plural values for names of entities that are plural by default, such as Domains. In your OData requests, use the singular name to navigate to related entities and the plural name for other operations.
View table details
Click + next to the table name to select columns and view and edit settings.
View the generated JSON definition of the schema map.
Click the View Code < / > icon.
Reset table to default value (with all columns selected and no search enabled)
De-select and then reselect the table. Values return to the defaults.