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Installation : Using the graphic installer

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Using the graphic installer

The Java installer can be run on any platform, including Windows; however, if you run the Java installer on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and higher, turn off User Account Controls or select a non-system directory as the installation directory. The Windows installer allows you to install the Cloud Driver forJDBC in the Program Files system directory on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and higher without turning off User Account Controls.
To install the driver:
1. Double-click the appropriate file to start the installer:
*Windows installer: PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_CLOUD_JDBC_<version>_WIN_INSTALL.exe
The Introduction window appears.
2. Click Next.
The Installation Type window appears.
3. Choose the type of installation to perform. Select one of the following options:
*Standard Installation. Select this option to install the standard unbranded version of the driver. Click Next to continue with the installation. Continue at the next step.
*OEM Installation. Select this option if you have purchased a licensed version of the product. Enter your branding key. Then, click Next and continue with the next step.
OEM CUSTOMERS: Refer to the Distribution Guide for Progress DataDirect Drivers for JDBC for information on installing, branding, unlocking, and distributing your branded driver.
4. In the Where Would You Like to Install? field, click the Choose (...) button to browse to and select an installation directory or type the path, including the drive letter on Windows machines, of the appropriate directory.
5. Click Next to continue.
Note: If you specify a directory that contains a previous installation of the driver, a warning message appears allowing you to overwrite your existing installation or specify a different installation directory.
6. A window appears allowing you to confirm your installation options. Click Previous to revise your choices, or click Install to continue with the installation.
7. Click Done to exit the installer.
To get started using the driver and for complete information about establishing connections and testing the driver, refer to Testing Your Application.