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Getting started : Testing the JDBC connection to a cloud Data Source

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Testing the JDBC connection to a cloud Data Source

Before modifying an application with the URL to connect, you can use DataDirect Test™ to verify the URL. The screen shots in this section were taken on a Windows system.
To test the connection from the Cloud Driver for JDBC to a cloud data store, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the DataDirect Cloud Driver for JDBC installation directory. The default location is:
*Windows systems: Program Files\Progress\DataDirect\Cloud_for_JDBC
*UNIX and Linux systems: /opt/Progress/DataDirect/Cloud_for_JDBC 
2. From the testforjdbc folder, run the platform-specific tool:
*testforjdbc.bat (on Windows systems)
* (on UNIX and Linux systems)
The Test for JDBC Tool window appears:
Test for JDBC Tool landing page
3. Click Press Here to Continue.
The main dialog appears:
Test for JDBC Tool window
4. From the menu bar, select Connection > Connect to DB.
The Select A Database dialog appears:
Select a Database dialog box
5. Select the Database field to edit the URL.
6. At the end of the URL, replace mysforce with the name of the Data Source defined in the DataDirect Cloud dashboard.
7. If you did not store credentials for the cloud data store in the Data Source, add these parameters to the end of the jdbc URL:
*datastorePassword=<password> (optionally, if the account requires a security token, append it to the password) 
For example, with a user name of, a password of myPassword, and a security token of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, append the following to the URL:; datastorePassword=myPasswordzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
8. For User Name, type your DataDirect Cloud account user name.
9. For Password, type your DataDirect Cloud account password.
10. Click Connect.
The dialog reports whether the connection was successful.
Now that you have verified the connection URL, you can use that in your JDBC application, as described in Connecting from an application.