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Troubleshooting : Installation Issues : SQL Errors

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SQL Errors

DataDirect Cloud reports errors to the calling application by returning SQL exceptions. The message indicates which DataDirect Cloud component generated the error.
The following components can report errors:
*DataDirect Cloud Driver for JDBC - [DataDirect][JDBC Cloud Driver]  Example: [DataDirect][JDBC Cloud Driver][Service]Object has been closed 
*DataDirect Cloud connectivity service - [DataDirect][JDBC Cloud Driver][Service]  Example: [DataDirect][JDBC Cloud Driver][Service]Invalid user ID or password. 
*DataDirect Cloud data store - [DataDirect][JDBC Cloud Driver][data_store]  Example: [DataDirect][JDBC Cloud Driver][Salesforce]Column not found: FOO in statement [SELECT foo FROM Account]
You may need to check the last JDBC call your application made and refer to the JDBC specification for the recommended action.
When a JDBC call fails it throws a SQLException. Calling getMessage or toString on the SQLException will return these messages. For example:
try {
rs = stmt.executeQuery ("SELECT * FROM foobar");
catch (SQLException e) {
System.out.println (e.toString ());
System.out.println (e.getMessage ());
java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: [DataDirect][JDBC Cloud driver][Salesforce]Table not
found in statement [SELECT * FROM foobar]
[DataDirect][JDBC Cloud driver][Salesforce]Table not found in statement [SELECT * FROM