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Installation : Silent installation : Performing the silent installation

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Performing the silent installation

To perform the silent install:
1. At a command prompt, change to the directory containing the PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_CLOUD_JDBC_4.0.2_INSTALL.jar file.
2. Type the command:
java -jar PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_CLOUD_JDBC_4.0.2_INSTALL.jar -f response_file -i silent 
response_file is the path and file name of the response file created in Creating the response file using the installer or Creating a response file using a text editor. Specify an absolute path. If the path is not specified, the silent installation looks for the response file in the current working directory.
Windows Example:
This example performs a silent installation using a response file named in the C:\temp directory.
java -jar
-f C:\temp\ -i silent 
UNIX/Linux Example:
This example performs a silent installation by running a response file named in the /install directory.
java -jar
-f ./install/ -i silent 
3. The installation proceeds without any further user intervention or notification.
To get started using the driver and for complete information about establishing connections and testing the driver, see Testing Your Application. If you encounter any issues with installation, see Troubleshooting.