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Installation : Installing from the command line on UNIX and Linux systems

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Installing from the command line on UNIX and Linux systems

To install from a command line, follow these steps:
1. At a command prompt, type the installation command:
java -jar PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_CLOUD_JDBC_4.0.2_INSTALL.jar -i console 
Press ENTER.
The installer prompts you to answer questions regarding the installation. To accept the default value, press ENTER. To return to the previous step, type back and press ENTER.
2. The Introduction step appears. Press ENTER.
3. You are prompted for the installation directory. Enter the full path to the installation directory, or press ENTER to accept the default directory.
4. You are prompted to confirm the installation directory. If the installation directory is correct, type y and press ENTER.
Note: If you specify a directory that contains a previous installation of the driver, a warning message appears allowing you to overwrite your existing installation or specify a different installation directory.
5. You are prompted to review the product name and installation directory. Press ENTER to continue.
6. If the product was successfully installed, a message appears confirming the installation. Press ENTER to exit the installer.
To get started using the driver and for complete information about establishing connections and testing the driver, refer to Testing Your Application. If you encounter any issues with installation, see Troubleshooting.