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Connection Properties Reference : DataSourcePassword

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Specifies the data store password that is required to log into your data source. Passwords stored in a DataDirect Cloud data source are encrypted. For data stores such as Salesforce,, and ServiceMax, a security token may be required by the data store instance.

Valid Values

password | password+securitytoken
is a valid password. The password is case-sensitive.
is a valid password appended by the security token required to connect to the data store instance for data stores such as Salesforce,,, and ServiceMax. Both the password and security token are case-sensitive.


*If the security token is not stored in the DataDirect Cloud Data Source definition, you must append the security token to the end of the password specified for DataSourcePassword, using the syntax password+securitytoken. In the example secretXaBARTsLZReM4Px47qPLOS, secret is the password and the remainder of the value is the security token.
*The data store user ID and password may be stored in the DataDirect Cloud Data Source definition. If that is true and you specify the user ID and password using the DataSourceUserID and DataSourcePassword connection properties, the values specified in these connection properties take precedence.
*All communication between the driver and the DataDirect Cloud service is encrypted using SSL, including the values specified for DataSourceUserID and DataSourcePassword.


empty string

Data Type