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Connection Properties Reference : DatabaseName

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REQUIRED. Specifies which DataDirect Cloud Data Source the driver uses for the connection. A DataDirect Cloud Data Source specifies the data store to connect to and the information required to establish a connection to the data store.
The name of the DataSource must be the name of a data source defined in your DataDirect Cloud account. Data Source names are unique within each DataDirect Cloud account; for example, more than one account can have a data source named "test".
You can create one or more DataDirect Cloud Data Sources in your DataDirect Cloud account. You can create and manage DataDirect Cloud Data Sources using the DataDirect Cloud Dashboard. Watch a video. .

Valid Values

is the name of a valid DataDirect Cloud Data Source.



Data Type



Database property. If both the Database and DatabaseName properties are specified in a connection URL, the last property that is positioned in the connection URL takes precedence.

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