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Using Data Sources

Using Data Sources

You define the information that DataDirect Cloud needs to connect to the data store in a data source. These default connection values are used each time you or your application connect to a particular data store. In addition to user credentials, the data store may provide other options you can use to tune the connectivity service for security, performance, and support for optional features such as OData.
DataDirect Cloud uses the following types of data sources:
*A simple data source references only one underlying data source, such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. See Creating a Data Source Definition for more information. When added to a group data source, a simple data source is called a member data source.
*A data source group is made up of references to simple data sources that have been enabled for OData. You can specify the OData-enabled data sources when you create the group, or add them later. When you establish a connection with a data source group, all of the member data sources can use the connection.
In this section: 
* Creating a Data Source Definition
* Editing Connection Parameters
* Data Source Connection Parameters
* Enabling OData Access for a Data Source
* Choosing Advanced Map Options
* Testing a Data Source
* Deleting a Data Source Definition
* Creating a Data Source Group
* Editing a Data Source Group
* Deleting a Data Source Group