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Mapping tab options : Show Deprecated Objects

Show Deprecated Objects

The showDeprecatedObjects map option applies to GoogleAnalytics data stores.
The showDeprecatedObjects map option defines whether DataDirect Cloud shows deprecated objects. Google Analytics marks dimensions and metrics as deprecated as an indication that they plan to remove support for those objects. By default, the DataDirect Cloud connectivity service does not expose these deprecated objects. Set the value to true while you work on rewriting your queries and table definitions to migrate from the deprecated objects. Once the queries and table definitions are fixed, change the setting for the map option back to false.
Valid values for showDeprecatedObjects are:
Table 179. Valid values for showDeprecatedObjects
DataDirect Cloud includes deprecated objects in the relational model.
DataDirect Cloud does not include deprecated objects in the relational model.
The default value for showDeprecatedObjects is false.