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Mapping tab options : Keyword Conflict Suffix

Keyword Conflict Suffix

The keyword conflict map option applies to Salesforce-based data stores:
*Veeva CRM
The SQL standard and DataDirect Cloud both define keywords and reserved words. These have special meaning in context, and may not be used as identifier names unless typed in uppercase letters and enclosed in quotation marks.
For example, the Case object is a standard object present in most Salesforce organizations but CASE is also an SQL keyword. Therefore, a table named Case cannot be used in a SQL statement unless enclosed in quotes and entered in uppercase letters:
*Execution of the SQL query SELECT * FROM Case will return the following:
Error: [DataDirect][DDCloud JDBC Driver][Salesforce]Unexpected token: CASE in statement [SELECT * FROM case]
*Execution of the SQL query SELECT * FROM "Case" will return the following:
Error: [DataDirect][DDCloud JDBC Driver][Salesforce]Table not found in statement [select * from "Case"]
*Execution of the SQL query, SELECT * FROM "CASE" will complete successfully.
To avoid using quotes and uppercase for table or column names that match keywords and reserved words, you can instruct DataDirect Cloud to add a suffix to such names. For example, if Keyword Conflict Suffix is set to TAB, the Case table will be mapped to a table named CASETAB. With such a suffix appended in the map, the following queries both work:
*SELECT * FROM casetab