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Enabling OData and working with Data Source groups

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Enabling OData and working with Data Source groups

OData allows client applications to access data sources with REST calls, eliminating the need to install and configure a local JDBC or ODBC driver. You enable OData access on the OData tab of a Data Source definition by configuring a schema map. Each schema map can expose a single data source schema for OData access. To expose more than one schema in the same data source or to make additional data source schemas available using the same resource name, create a Data Source Group containing OData-enabled Data Source definitions. If the underlying data source schema changes or you want to expose a different set of tables, you need to edit the schema map and update the Data Source definition.
To see information about the other fields on the OData tab, see Parameters for all supported Data Store types and go to the link for your data store type.
* Using the Configure Schema editor
* Creating a Data Source group
* Editing a Data Source group
* Deleting a Data Source group