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Mapping tab options : Custom Suffix

Custom Suffix

The CustomSuffix map option applies to Salesforce-based data stores:
*Veeva CRM
Data stores treat the creation of standard and custom objects differently. Objects you create in your organization are called custom objects, and the objects already created for you by the data store administrator are called standard objects.
When you create custom objects such as tables and columns, the data store appends a custom suffix (__c), two underscores immediately followed by a lowercase “c” character to the name.
For example, Salesforce will create a table named emp__c if you create a new table using the following statement:
CREATE TABLE emp (id int, name varchar(30))
You might expect to be able to query the table using the name you gave it, emp in the example. Therefore, by default, the DataDirect Salesforce Cloud map strips off the suffix, allowing you to make queries without adding the suffix "__c". The Map Options field (in the Mapping tab of the Create Data Source dialog) allows you to specify a value for CustomSuffix to control whether the map includes the suffix or not:
*A value of CustomSuffix=include; causes the map to use the “__c” suffix and you will therefore have to use it in your queries.
*A value of CustomSuffix=strip; removes the suffix in the map and your queries should not include the suffix when referring to custom fields.
The default value for CustomSuffix is Strip.
The first time you save and test a connection, a map for that data store is created. Once a map is created, you cannot change the map options for that Data Source definition unless you also create a new map. For example, if a map is created with Map Options set to CustomSuffix=include; and, then later, you change the Map Options CustomSuffix=strip; you will get an error saying the configuration options do not match. Simply change the value of the Create Map option to force creation of a new map as described in Create Map and Map Name.