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User-Provisioning API

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User-Provisioning API

The User-Provisioning API is one of the DataDirect Cloud Management APIs. The User-Provisioning API is used by DataDirect Cloud Administrator to create, retrieve, update, and delete user accounts, and to manage entitlements, such as data stores and data transfer limit. The DataDirect Cloud Service Provider creates an account for the Administrator to manage user accounts and entitlements.
* Subscription and Entitlements
* Getting Started with the User-Provisioning API
* Types of user accounts
* Create a User Account
* Retrieve Account Details
* Update a User Account
* Changing a User's Password
* Forcing the User to Reset the Password
* Delete a User Account
* Retrieve Details of a Particular Account
* Retrieve Usage Details of a Particular Account
* Retrieve Accounts Created by a Particular User
* Retrieve Usage Details of all Accounts